iPads at School

A large amount of my time and effort has been used to create tutorials, information, and programs for Teachers and Administrators who want to start using iPads at school. So in order to help direct, and well – get more traffic in an flow, I created this “clearing house” page. Lets be honest, if it was easy to find all of my resources, you would not be finding this page. When I say “iPads” I have a habit of believing that everyone can use a device to do basic functions. If you cannot, then perhaps you should take a look at my getting started guide.

From now on, I will use this “iPads at School” page as a launchpad to my tutorials, graduate courses, talks, and blog posts about iPads. Feel free to check back often as I update the list with more resources.

My iPad Resources
Resource Description
Apps To Learn By My list of apps for "Learners." This list focuses on resources for student use as well as games with educational value.
Apps for Administrators This is a talk and resource page developed for Denver Public Schools. All resources were selected for their benefit to school administrators.
Mobile Management Prepared for the Verizon Innovative Learning Schools Conference. The talk focuses on how to integrate mobile devices successfully into the classroom environment.